Our Sodas

East Coast Craft Soda brings together locally sourced all natural fruit juice, aromatic spices, and fair trade organic cane sugar. Enjoy it on the go, with your favourite food, or mixed with your most-loved spirits and refresh your adventure.

This isn’t your grandma’s ginger ale. Fresh, crisp apple flavours give balance to zingy ginger in this remix of a classic bevvy. Pairs well with friends, laughter, and driving with the windows down.

Sweetness: Pleasant & Dry
Flavour: Crisp & Zesty
Bubbles: Juicy & Sharp

Whether you’re heading to the beach with your buds or swinging solo in a hammock, this drink’s for you. The lemonade starts off sweet with a fresh strawberry scent, while the rhubarb finishes lively and refreshing. Imagine the day’s potential.

Sweetness: Fruity & Tart
Flavour: Fresh & Clean
Bubbles: Lively & Bright

It’s the little choices you make every day that matter. You care. You support local. You buy all natural products, like this one. Juicy wild blueberries and just the right kick of vanilla give this crème soda a silky smooth finish you can be proud of. So, cheers to you, our everyday hero, for making the world a better place. 

Sweetness: Ripe & Plump
Flavour: Smooth & Sweet
Bubbles: Soft & Subtle

This is it. This is your moment, your day, your soda. Make the most of it with the lively taste of Hop Tonic. Sweet orange peel and cascade hops tango with a little spice to make the perfect recipe for a jazzy night on the town. So have fun, move to your own beat, and take on the world. 

Sweetness: Just Right
Flavour: Tangy & Balanced
Bubbles: Fizzy & Jazzed
Bubbles: Soft & Subtle