Our Sodas

Day Drift Craft Soda brings together locally sourced all natural fruit juices, aromatic spices, fresh botanicals, and fair trade organic cane sugar. A craft soda cultivated for the most adventurous palate, it’s meant to be enjoyed on the go, paired with your favorite food, or mixed with your best-loved spirits.

Apple Ginger Elderflower

Pack a picnic and get ready for an adventure, because this soda takes you on a trip. The crisp and zesty apple flavour offers a slight ginger bite that’s balanced by a light floral taste of elderflower. It’s the perfect blend of fruit, herbs, and botanicals.

Sweetness: Pleasant & Dry
Flavour: Crisp & Zesty
Bubbles: Juicy & Sharp

Strawberry Rhubarb Basil

One drink and you’ll be calling this soda summer in a bottle! Light and refreshing, its slight strawberry sweetness is perfectly balanced by the subtle tartness of the rhubarb, and finishes with just a hint of basil. It’s the perfect treat for a day at the beach.

Sweetness: Fruity & Tart
Flavour: Fresh & Clean
Bubbles: Lively & Bright

Spiced Malt Cola

You’ve got the tents, Firewood, and a carload of your closest friends; a nearly perfect recipe for a fun night on the lake. All you’re missing is our unique combination of dark malt and classic cola spices. A complex flavour combination that’s naturally sweetened, our cola is a sophisticated nod to the ones we grew up drinking.

Sweetness: Dark & Layered
Flavour: Rich & Spicy
Bubbles: Full & Bold